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Our Beyond Your Resolutions promo includes a 1-on-1 personalized session with a movement screen, body composition scan, and goals conversation! It also includes up to 12 small group training sessions in 1 month in our In-Gym Training on-site. The full gym program beyond the promo at Fukumoto Fitness includes:


  • a certified coach guiding you through the 45 minute workout

  • a bi-annual functional movement screen to aid in exercise selection

  • your very own training area with your own equipment

  • accountability and follow-up for when you miss a session etc.

Group Training
Private Training
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Private sessions are amazing if you value:

  • safe and superb technique

  • learning new skills properly  (like kettlebell swings or getups etc)

  • creating a specific strategy for your existing small group training

  • creating a specific strategy for your existing home or online training


NO minimum commitment to start. 

Start with just 1 session!


Solo (1 Coach-1 Client-1 Hour)

  • all about you! (in-gym or online)

Duo (1 Coach-2 Clients-1 Hour)

  • results with a friend! (in-gym or online)

Home Program Design 

  • initial in-gym or online assessment session

  • complete home program (4-6 weeks)

  • option to add in a monthly Solo private session (in-gym or online) for best ongoing results!

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