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Our Beyond Your Resolutions promo includes a Functional Movement Screen and 6 small group training sessions over 2 weeks in our In-Gym Training on-site. The full gym program beyond the promo at Fukumoto Fitness includes:


  • a certified coach guiding you through the 45 minute workout

  • a bi-annual functional movement screen to aid in exercise selection

  • your very own training area with your own equipment

  • accountability and follow-up for when you miss a session etc.

Group Training
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The Resilient Fitness Accountability Program is fully online. We serve people across Canada and around the world!


You will feel better and last longer through supportive accountability (via your coach) helping you to be consistent, challenged, safe, and adaptable! Your resilient results WILL come via:


  • weekly check-ins with a certified coach via the MyCoach App

  • monthly plan adjustments for your workout plan if necessary

  • access to our robust FF livestream and FF on-demand workouts

  • the ability to follow our in-gym program or do something totally different!

Online Training
Private Training
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Private sessions are amazing if you value:

  • safe and superb technique

  • learning new skills properly  (like kettlebell swings or getups etc)

  • creating a specific strategy for your existing small group training

  • creating a specific strategy for your existing home or online training


NO minimum commitment to start. 

Start with just 1 session!


Solo (1 Coach-1 Client-1 Hour)

  • all about you! (in-gym or online)

Duo (1 Coach-2 Clients-1 Hour)

  • results with a friend! (in-gym or online)

Home Program Design 

  • initial in-gym or online assessment session

  • complete home program (4-6 weeks)

  • option to add in a monthly Solo private session (in-gym or online) for best ongoing results!

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