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Annual ‘snapshot’ to see how you’re moving so that you can know how to best get results!

No Family
Left Behind

Our care and accountability protocol to ensure you’re as consistent as possible!

Workshops +

In-person and online education or motivation to get you ongoing results!

On Demand

Easy to follow, minimal equipment, coached online workouts you can do from home or anywhere!

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Get $40 off a month of membership OR pass it to a partnered charity for each person you refer!



Sessions Per Week

Makeup Sessions

InBody Scans

Open Gym Access

No Waitlist

12 Month Pricing

3 Month Pricing

12 Month Pricing*

3 Month Pricing*

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*All services are subject to GST. Student/Youth Pricing available upon request.

** Premium members also receive 50% off these Fukumoto Fitness services.


What membership type do you recommend for best results? 

With consistency, you can achieve encouraging results with each type of membership, but we do recommend either Standard (3x/week) or Premium (4x + Open Gym) for best results.


Can I upgrade to another membership part way through my current one?

Yes! It can be upgraded (by type or length). The terms of the new agreement will apply for the remainder of the membership and the first billing cycle will line up with your next withdrawal date.


Do On-Demand workouts count towards my sessions per week?

No. You can use these online workouts as often as you wish. Consider them a bonus!


Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, with our 6 and 12 month memberships, you can hold for between 3 and 5 weeks for any reason. If you have a serious medical issue beyond that, additional membership holds can be discussed.


What if I get injured outside the gym?

If it is minor and training is still possible, we work with you (and any allied health professionals i.e. physio, athletic therapy, chiropractor etc if applicable) to help you continue to keep training! If significant time off is required, we can place your membership on hold.


What happens if I miss some sessions in a given week? Can I make them up?

Yes! Depending on membership type, you have 2-4 months to make up any missed sessions.


Can I invite a friend to join me?

Yes! Every week 4 of the training phase (5 weeks long) is a chance for guests to join you for a workout. FF also runs 3 main charity events throughout the year that guests are encouraged to come too. They can register at our Events page (


Is there special member pricing or opportunities as a Fukumoto Fitness member?

Absolutely! You will receive special member pricing for: InBody Scans, P6 Habits Nutrition Program, KB Courses, Challenges throughout the year and Private Training sessions. Special Ordering Access directly from local farms for chickens and CSA veggie boxes There are also occasional free mini nutrition, mobility, summer health challenges for members.


I will not ridicule or harass others. This includes bullying and sexually suggestive comments. Fukumoto Fitness will preserve our safe environment at all costs. If you hurt someone in any way, you will be asked to leave without a refund.

I will wear indoor training shoes at all times (shoes meant for strength training that are not used outdoors) unless otherwise specified for safety and hygienic reasons.

I will aim to arrive early to warm-up if possible (up to 15min) which can increase results and decrease injury. If I am late, I’ll do my best to warm-up.

I will communicate with my coach if something is hurting or you feel unwell. Please do not leave training room without letting the coach know.

I commit to being a coachable person which means doing my best to follow the coach’s guidance. This may mean refraining from exercises that your coach deems inappropriate. If you feel unsafe, advise your coach IMMEDIATELY.

I will not touch others without consent. I will be mindful in terms of High 5s for example. If I am uncomfortable I will let the coach know (as this also may affect getting physical adjustments during class).

I understand that I am responsible for my results and my decisions to consistently exercise, eat healthy and live an overall healthy lifestyle. Results will vary!

I will have a positive attitude (not pretending life is perfect) but understand we are better together which includes leaving negativity and gossip outside.

I give permission to the coaches to keep me accountable to the Member Code and will allow coaches to guide me and show me I am stronger than I ever imagined!


I will cancel my reservation with at least 2 hours notice if unable to attend. If I cancel with less than 2 hours notice, I will be charged a $20 late cancellation fee.

I understand that no unsupervised children under 12 are permitted on site. Children may be present in the lobby if parents are switching care between sessions.

I understand my payment is due the same day monthly. If my first day is September 12, my next payment would be October 12. If sick or travelling, my commitment is still due. Those with a 6 or 12 month commitment can apply ONCE for a freeze lasting between 3-5 weeks. This is outside of a medical freeze for serious issues.


I understand that I will be charged a one-time $25 admin fee to freeze my commitment (see above for freeze eligibility policy).


I understand that the annual training program currently operates on a 5-week progressive training cycle (with a few exceptions). This is best for long-term results and injury prevention. During the fifth week, there are regular weekly training sessions but Friday and Saturday are usually off.


Fukumoto Fitness Ltd. reserves the right to increase the rates on our services. Fukumoto Fitness Ltd. will not increase the rates on your current membership.

I understand that I am not able to transfer my membership to any other person.


I understand that 2 weeks written notice is required prior to my next billing to cancel a Client Commitment. I understand I will be billed a cancellation fee as stated in the Payment Authorization & Billing Agreement.

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